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Is this you?

If you are a female runner struggling with recurrent injuries, flagging energy levels, in addition to a changing body, feeling in need of expert guidance and motivation then of course we should have a chat.

These are the results you could see and feel:

Balanced hormones

Strong running

Quick recovery

Full of energy

Healthy relationship with food

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My unique programme of nutrition and training is designed to take you from feeling tired and overwhelmed to vibrant, energised and strong as well as having a firm health and performance goal in place.


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Feel Better

Gut health for runners ebook. Find out why good health starts in the gut plus five important areas to address

Thrive the menopause

Your free menopause nutrition guide. Including an easy to follow meal plan as well as simple recipes

Run strong

Your ultimate guide to running motivation, coupled with practical tips to get you consistently out of the door

Feeling like me again, only fitter and healthier.

Gareth, Surrey

I was apprehensive, but Helen immediately put me at ease.

Alice, London

Helen’s guidance was invaluable in helping me to manage hot flushes and get a decent night’s sleep.

Joanne, Hampshire

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Nutrition programmes and coaching tailored to your individual needs.

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Eat Well Run Strong - Essential nutrition for female runners.


Take your health into your own hands through nutrient and genetic testing.